Some Apple tablet features

Jason Calacanis apparently had access to the Apple table 10 days ago. If you take a look at his status update feed on twiter, you find really interesting reports about the table, namely:

  1. It will have an "ebook reader" mode that saves a lot of battery time;
  2. Battery life for gaming/wifi is around 2/3 hours;
  3. He hints that people will be able to play first person shooters on this thing, the specs must be awesome;
  4. Will have 2 cameras. One that shoots what is in front of you, another shoots you;
  5. Solar power pad in the back for recharging;
  6. OLED screen;
  7. At&T AND Verizon contracts available, probably;
  8. Thumbpads on each side for gestures. Reads fingerprints for security;
  9. Builtin HDTV tuner;
  10. The price will be 599, 699 and 799 depending on size and memory;

If his tweets are accurate, then we have an awesome device coming up indeed :)

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