Things i wanted in Apple's iPad (tablet)

Cool as it may be, i cannot but feel disappointed with Apple’s newest unveiling - the iPad:

  1. No camera - Really? In this day and age of videoconferencing?!? What are you guys thinking?
  2. No GPS - It does have assisted (wifi/3G) GPS but it's not quite the same, is it? Especially when you don't have wifi or 3G available;
  3. No magical, shiny, new multi-touch UI paradigm - Maybe i was affected too much by the hype that has been created around it but i like to be surprised. And i have to say i wasn't. Apart from the changes to the iWork suite to make it usable on a touch screen there is nothing really awesome about it;
  4. No multitasking - No comments there. I wonder if it has copy & paste?
  5. No phone calls (and SMS's) - Has 3G but you cannot make phone calls or send messages? Doesn't make sense to me;
  6. 64 GBs is really not enough for what you are going to want to carry around in it.

Now things that i do like in the iPad, so that this is not a bashing post:

  1. It looks like the mockups that drifted on the internet before. And those looked cool;
  2. The iBook application and store. As long as they support free/open PDF files;
  3. Seems to be powerful enough to play basic 3D games (quake II - like);
  4. Battery life is really nice. 10 hours for normal usage and up to 1 month in stand-by mode;
  5. The price was a nice surprise. I always said that they would compete with netbooks' prices and apparently i was not mistaken;
  6. I love the keyboard dock and also the hard cover that changes into stand. Really clever!

That being said, i believe this is nothing more than a big iPod touch (not even an iPhone, since you cannot make phone calls) and will not deserve my $499 this time.

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